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Thread: Aqualu Tubs

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    Default Aqualu Tubs

    any firsthand experience with these guys?
    They offer a CJ6 tub with no scribe marks or cut outs.. didnít know if anybody used them in the past..
    A little concerned about bi metal corrosion.. but other than that it seems to be right in line price wise as a steel replacement or fixing my old one..
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    Default Re: Aqualu Tubs

    That Spike Xtreme 4x4 show had built a Samurai with an Aqualu tub. It looked to be very high quality.
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    They are amazing quality, they look like they were made for nasa, every weld is perfectly smooth and looks like it was caulk smeared on with a finger its soo nice. Frank here on the forum has an aluminum Aqualu tub, his cj-6 build thread is here, its called family cj-6 project, i wouldnt hesitate to buy any of their stuff.
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    Default Re: Aqualu Tubs

    The difficult is no problem..............The impossible just takes a little longer
    ........I didn't get a Jeep to go fast..........
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    Default Re: Aqualu Tubs

    Absolutely worth every penny. Excellent build quality, great people to deal with. I've studied the galvanic corrosion problem, and am basically building a boat on wheels at this point. Where 2 pieces of metal meet, paint it or insulate it before assembly with plastic or rubber gaskets. Where you can't help drilling and tapping the area, such as windshield hinges, use a good boat builders anti-galvanic action paste (never sieze), high in zinc. I've insulated all my bolts except the windshield hinge tapped ones with nylon washers and air hose tubing. There are every size of nylon shoulder washers for insulation available online for next to nothing. Buy a bag of 100 in 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2 and you have your bases covered. I'm also going to install a sacrifical zinc anode in each corner of the tub, just to be sure. The body will be able to be passed onto my children, I am certain.

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