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Thread: Weber 2bbl Carb Running Rich

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    Default Weber 2bbl Carb Running Rich

    Seems that my 2bbl Weber carb is running rich and I can't seem to adjust it right. I am not real sure of what to do. Anybody have this problem or know what is the best way to resolve? Where can I get a manual for this carb, contact Weber?
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    Default Re: Weber 2bbl Carb Running Rich

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    Default Re: Weber 2bbl Carb Running Rich

    These carburetors come from Redline.

    They have a fairly low fuel pressure requirement, like 3 psi, IIRC. Could be that your fuel pump has too much pressure and is forcing fuel past the float needle.

    In any carburetor, the constant-speed mixture is controlled by the main jet size and the float level. The idle mixture screw only controls the mixture at or near idle, and is generally the only mixture adjustment on the outside of the carburetor.
    Tim Reese
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    Default Re: Weber 2bbl Carb Running Rich

    i have a 74 232 i6 with the original carb and the same problem. ran rich , stalled easy, no power.
    i tried to tune it, lean it out, adj. the idle, i cleaned and rebuilt luck.
    the problem... the timing was off.
    turns out my timing chain was worn to the point i could rotate the crank about a full quarter turn before it moved the cam.

    i am currently replacing the chain then i will re-time the engine and re-tune the carb. should work then but i am sure a new gremlin will surface once the engine is in tune.

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