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Thread: Dauntless V-6 Ignition Question (Head Ache)

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    Default Dauntless V-6 Ignition Question (Head Ache)

    I need some help!!!!!!!!!! I am still working on my 1967 Jeepster and I need to start off by letting everyone know that the previous owner must of had quite a hack for a mechanic because the deeper I get into this thing the more things I find. I rebuilt the Carb. and found that the check ball under the accelerator pump was missing and the one under the venturies was in the wrong place and the distributor hold down looks alot like a rocker arm, so.................

    Can someone look in their parts book and see if there is a different distributor cap listed for the 65-66 engines and the 67 engine. When I did the tune up I got my cap from NAPA and they listed the same cap for 65-67 engines but if you look at the Buick engine they list a different cap for 1967. Back to original comment about the previous owner the cap I got is a little bit different (it is the one for the 65-67 Jeeps) but I don't know if it is correct. The engine runs rough at idle and has a slight hesitation off of idle, but seems to run O.K. at higher rpms.

    Has anyone used a NAPA Distributor cap on this engine? The cap has the connections labeled 1-6, but if you line the distributor up like the Chilton's manual says the post closest to the rotor is actually #2. This ignition is really beginning to give me a Head Ache.

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    Default Re: 1967 Dauntless Ignition Head Ache

    the stock factory dist hold down does resemble a rocker arm.....

    if a Prestolite cap, one size fits all

    if Delco cap, two possibilites I believe
    the only diff that I know of is the positioning of the small window for dwell/point adjustment; one is closer to a plug tower; the other is more centered inbetween plug towers
    have any pics ?

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    Default Dauntless V-6 Ignition Question (Head Ache)

    I posted a thread on the Jeepster section, but this section seems a little more popular so I'm hoping to get a little better response.

    First the background. I recently purchased a 1967 Jeepster which needed a lot of TLC. I'm not sure about the Mechanical ablility of the previouse owner, but.......... It ran O.K. (not great) when I got it so I did a major tune-up, but as things go I have kind of made things worse. It does have the V-6.

    Here are some questions and problems:

    1) Carburetor (Rochester 2 jet assuming it is original). When I rebuilt the carb there was no Check ball under the accelerator pump. I am assuming there should be one there so I put the one in from the kit. The ball that is located under the Venturi "squirters" was not under the little spring it was just laying in the cavity so I installed this in the right place. Kind of giving you back ground on the mechanical well being of the Jeep.

    2) Now the real problem. I don't have my shop manual yet so I'm relying on the old stand-by Chiltion's manual. I removed the Distributor to see if I could see where the oil was coming from. While having the distibutor out I repalced the points, condenser, and a bad vacuum advance module. I tuned it up with a new Dist. cap, plugs, and wires. It is the stock ignition system (non-HEI).

    a) Using the Buick part of Chilton's it shows how to re-install the Dist by having the Vac. Adv. at approximately 10:00 and the notch on the Distributor at approx. 7:00 when looking down from the drivers side. (Side note: I rotated the engine to top dead center on the compression stroke by checking with the plug out.) It says to rotate the Distributor until the points just start opening and the rotor should point directly at the notch. It kind of does, the leading edge of the contact on the rotor is probably at the leading edge of the notch. The Dist. Cap I purchased is from NAPA which has the plug wire numbers molded into it. When you install the cap the tower that is closest to the rotor contact actually is #2 according to the cap. The # 1 would actually be closer to the Vacuum advance canister. This probably not that important but it got me to questioning things. When I set it up this way the vehicle started but the timing was so far advanced that I could barely see the mark on the Dampner. It was probably 2"" above the 0 on the timing gauge on the motor. (Really advanced). I turned the distributor to set the timing at 5 Deg. BTDC. It runs, but really rough. When it warms up it starts popping through the Carb. When you shut the engine off, as it is winding down, you can hear a little hiss or wisp coming out of the Carb. The Dwell was also set at 30 Deg. while it was running.

    2) Has anyone ever used a Distributor Cap from NAPA on one of these engines. Do the plug numbers on the cap coincide with the correct cylinder. One thing we did find out is they list the same Cap for 1965-67 Jeeps with the V-6, but if you look at Buick they list a different Cap for 1967 but the same rotor for all.

    3) This is my first shot at this Odd Fire V-6. The more I read about it the more nervous I get. I see that the lobes on the Distibutor Cam are ground differently. It looks like they all have 45 deg. faces, but there is an unground area between them. I suppose this how they get the odd 75 deg. I am assuming the the engine fires on the leading edge of the rotor post on the 45 deg. sequence and on the trailing edge when it is on the 75 deg. Is this correct? Could you get the Dist. in wrong so it is actually firing out of seqeunce in this regard. Not on the wrong cylinder but on the wrong are of the rotor so it doesn't get complete spark. IF so how would you check it. Maybe I'm reading more into this than there actually is.

    Anyway it is not running well now. I'm sure there will be some follow up questions and you experts are probably getting tired of answering the same old ignition questions. It really has me flustered right now. I have removed Distributors on countless vehicles before, but I have never had this kind of problem before getting re-timed and firing correctly.

    Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Dauntless V-6 Ignition Question (Head Ache)

    I've asked that people not cross post in the rules for the forum.

    I merged the threads.

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    Default Re: Dauntless V-6 Ignition Question (Head Ache)

    Welcome aboard Grubby!!

    Sounds like you're still way advanced.
    First, read up on the OF 225 here at Merl's Garage:
    If you are for sure at TDC/#1, then you may just need to rotate your wire sequence.
    Is your dist a Delco, with the little metal window?
    If so, another thing you'll want to consider is replacing the points with a Pertronix Ignitor. Really does good things for the OF, is less than $100 and easy to install. Do a search here, lots of info/testimonials. Kit #1165 is for the OF with Delco points-style distributor.

    Or you can install HEI from a ~76 Buick V6... a few mods needed to install the big HEI head, but also a worthwhile mod
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