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Thread: Motorcraft 2100 carburator adapter

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    Default Motorcraft 2100 carburator adapter

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to share. I'm in the middle of my 2100 swap. I have 4 carbs that I got, I've got one rebuilt and am planning on the selling a second rebuilt one to cover costs eventually.
    This weekend I pulled my carter off to fit up the adapter I got from summit and it didn't fit, stud space was too narrow on the 1bbl side. I called Summit this morning and they are shipping me the one that has the right spacing, great service.
    Here are the part #'s for the adapter.

    Right one: TRD-2041 - 2 15/16" stud space

    Wrong: TRD-2044 - 2 5/8" stud space

    Also, I read this somewhere and can validate, be aware that the later 2100's have a gap in the bottom plate that won't fit on these adapters, you need an earlier model 2100 that has a solid base on the back (opposite bowl side).



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    Default Re: Motorcraft 2100 carburator adapter

    If you use a plastic insulator between the carb and the adapter, it should cover the gap. All of the Fords I've seen with 2100s have the hard plastic insulator. If you can find 2100s at the junkyard, you should be able to find the insulators too.
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