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Thread: Green 1970 CJ-5 Paint Code

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    Default Green 1970 CJ-5 Paint Code

    Hey guys I'm looking specifically for the paint code for the 1970 Renegade I Green. On your History Page here there is a picture of one under where it says "Renegade I Colors" and is titles "org1970cj5". That is the exact color I'd like to paint my Scrambler but can't find the code for it. I know lower for 1971 it says the code is 999 for all of them, but that seems odd since they are all clearly different colors.

    I have Googled for it a number of times but it always first brings me back to your History Page. Any way, does any one here have the specific paint code for the Renegade I Green?

    Thank you ALL for ready and to any one that has the code.

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    Default Re: Green 1970 CJ-5 Paint Code

    This might be it ( PPG 2128 ), even though it is listed in the '72 paint chart:

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    Default Re: Green 1970 CJ-5 Paint Code

    I think the color you want is called "Mint Green." Jeep named the Renegade colors after off-road races, in this case the Mint 400. If you look at the '71 colors listed here, you'll see a Ditzler color code 2128.

    SHould be the same as the Green Jeep in this picture.

    In 1972, there was a yellow-green Renegade color, Baja Yellow, with a 999 color code. That is also listed on the above page with a Ditzler code.
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