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Thread: Sm420 adapter?

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    Default Sm420 adapter?

    Does an advance adapters sm420 to Dana 18 adapter clock the Dana 18 differently than a stock t90/Dana 18?Tia

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    When I did mine over 10 years ago.. I did not see any dramatic difference, I did modify my crossmember to work with the AA adapter and mounts. I would not want mine clocked any higher anyway, any higher the d18 would be real close to the body and the front driveshaft clearance to the exhaust would not work.. its pretty darn close now.
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    You can't really clock the dana 18 any higher with a sm420 as the trans and transfercase are only 1/32" -/16" apart or something like that. If you have a specific version of the sm420 you will have to grind on the ribbing to clear the 2 of them.
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