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Oct 17, 2019 at 10:03 PM
Nov 4, 2006
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Jun 15, 1976 (Age: 43)
Cabinet maker/ Firefighter

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Sponsor, 43, from PA

windyhill was last seen:
Oct 17, 2019 at 10:03 PM
    1. Worth
      Hey Seth. "Back in the day" is about right for me. My family just ramped up backpacking (hitting the REI garage sales, etc.) and we've been out once on an overnighter. I'm starting to think I'm getting too old. We'll probably try again this fall sometime. Back in the day, though, I used to hit some really nice trails with the guys. All of them were in the NC mountains.

      So do you find it hard maintaining the two hobbies of woodworking and jeeping together? I do. I'm basically not doing a good job of either one.

      - Worth
    2. sammy
      PBB is... Well rough and tumble, I added you as a friend over there. I'm a member as well, but not a red star member. AFAIK, Me, you, CJ5Buggy and Nepco19 are the only ones from ECJ5 over there, befriended all of them.
      It's good as long as you don't make a fool of yourself and get flammed, which is why I LOVE ecj5 over PBB. Not much old stuff, and if there is, it's all wrecked and truggied
    3. lynn
      Spud (Colin) and Blake were going to set up like last year... but now they aren't coming due to probs with Colin's rig (see intermediates forum, suspension woes thread)
      Looks like we'll have no central point to meet. My rig will be at Cassidy's Customs booth, so I'll be in and out of there periodically.
      Saturday I'll have my dark green ECJ% shirt on and a white wide brimmed hat like last year, give me a shout if you see me... hope to see you there!
    4. sammy
      How close am I? Well I taste the bondo dust :P Naw I have 1 more hat channel to weld and a little bit of sanding, priming, painting, rocker guards (no side steps yet) assembly, bed liner, lights, wires, assembly of body, hoses, fluids, gasoline, upholstery, winch cable and :driving: if that says anything :D I'm doing a mod to the body bolts, I'm using carrage bolts through instead of the under side mounts, much safer IMO.
      I guess I am getting the near the end project jitters. Yeah I hope it's nearly new R)
      And thank you for your support on this project man, I appreciate it :)
    5. sammy
      Howdy Seth! How's it hanging?

      Ok I have a confession. I'm completely ready to :driving: the old girl but I'm really scared she wont run or she'll leak really bad. What say ye? Am I getting worked up over nothing?

      Wait that's not what I meant. I still have a lot to do but me is ready to drive her, she's not ready R)
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    Jun 15, 1976 (Age: 43)
    Cabinet maker/ Firefighter
    '53CJ3B, CJ6
    225 v6, T-18, dana 18, overdrive
    Stock w/5:38's
    32x10.5 super swamper radials
    11" drums, custom bumper/tire rack, skid plate.
    The Orange Jeep. (
    1" superlift springs, HD spring hangers
    53 3b, 48 2A, still have the cj6 project, Run the Great Willys Picnic with my Wife and kids in June.
    Family, Woodworking, Jeeps, Ford trucks, anything in the shop!


    '48 CJ2A Dual wheels, PTO winch and gear box with shield.
    '53 CJ3B T18,v6,OD,5:38's 32"ss
    '57 CJ6 current project.
    '50 CJ3A (My Brothers)
    '67 CJ5:v6Dads)
    RIP or moved on
    '57 CJ5, 60 CJ5,'66 v6, (parts):v6:, '58 FC170 289 v8, '64 Cj5, '70 CJ5, '80 CJ7, '83 CJ5, '64? CJ5 trencher, '69 CJ5 trencher, '70 CJ5 trencher,
    '70 CJ5 T14,dana30, front locker,:v6:, '80 CJ5 w/ Ramsey winch
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